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After being in the Industry for years, the MD concluded that; often, in the security industry, it’s more about quantity than quality. NDG Security is looking to change the negative depiction of security and provide a more customised service. We believe that, “no two assignments are the same”, therefore, each assignment is carefully analysed and adjusted to meet your needs regardless of how large or small the assignment is, paying attention to the detail that is often overlooked. To deliver outstanding security solutions to YOU and YOUR ASSETS hassle-free. Plain and simple.

NDG Security is committed to being transparent with all stakeholders and operate with integrity in its daily operations, we pride ourselves in being open, honest and ethical. We ensures all employees are treated fairly, with dignity and we embrace diversity. NDG Security is committed to providing equal opportunities, in all aspects of employment and we take a robust approach in workplace misconduct, including but not limited to discrimination, intimidation and/or harassment.



Being creative and being efficient is important to a long and healthy relationship as every day new trends are set, cultures within the industry changes and it’s important to keep up. We encourage staff as well as clients to challenge our practices to achieve improvement at all levels in the business ranging from front line security guarding to senior management.



Every assignment will be maintained to the highest ethical and moral standards. We understand how our actions can impact stakeholders therefore, we act with diligence.


We have a high retention of talented staff, this is to help raise performance levels and client satisfaction. We strongly believe that talent should be rewarded.