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What makes us different ?

  • 24/7 Support
    We are not bound by time, and are available 365 days a year, we are flexible and can generally accommodate last minute requests offering you a peace of mind.
  • Experience
    NDG Security has a system in place where; each assignment is tailored to client’s requests, we will thoroughly examine all the details to ensure the correct type of security guard is deployed.
  • Relationships with staff/clients
    Recognising the importance of personnel development, this ensures greater results to our clients and also increases the employee’s skills bank. Our HR team works closely with our Marketing team and constantly reviews ways in which we can help further develop our employees to ensure that the highest levels of service is being provided.
  • Competitive Rates
    In the current economic, there is a decline in growth and there is a need for more security services owing to the fact of recent events. We work closely with our partners and clients alike to ensure unnecessary costs are cut without jeopardising any quality to the services provided.

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